Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life living as a Nomad...

Life as a nomad... That's what it feels like at least, living in our house while it's being renovated. Picture this - we have all of our furniture, boxes, etc. stuffed into our dining room and third bedroom because neither of those rooms are being renovated; and we're living out of a suitcase in our guest room and using the guest bathroom, while its also being painted. We've been eating out every meal because we don't have a functioning kitchen nor any kitchen appliances. My brother came over the other day and told us it looked like a bunch of hoarders lived in our house, haha.

As frustrating and tiresome as this process is, we're still so thankful and excited about the end result. Just when we think we can do this no more - when we've eaten one too many fast food french fries; when we've inhaled too much paint; and when we've worn one too many dirty clothes because we can't find the clean ones - something exciting always happens to energize us - our flooring is finished, our living room painting is finished, our bathroom is tiled, etc. These are the little things that will keep us going for the next few weeks.

All that being said, this picture sums up our life right now....

Sunday night we didn't think we could muster the energy to go to dinner anywhere, so we decided to order Chinese food. We had to use a towel and make a picnic on the bed because we don't have any furniture to sit on. We also realized that they didn't give us any plasticware so we had to search all of our boxes for our packed forks and knives.

What an adventure! I'm looking at this as a "camping experience," and something that will make this house even more special for us!