Saturday, March 26, 2011

California Knows How to Party

One thing both Nate and I really like to do is travel, and that's something we really want to take advantage of over the next few years before we have kids. Since I still get a "spring break," Nate and I decided to take a trip to the sunshine state. We spent three days total in San Francisco and one night in Carmel-by-the-sea. It was a very fun but interesting trip. The week before we left, Nate was really sick with strep throat, so of course we were praying that he would get better before it left. Thank goodness, he was feeling better the day we left, and we had a great first day - seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown, walking up and looking back on Lombard Street, and riding the cable cars. Our second and third day we experience a little set back as it rained constantly. We learned that San Francisco rain is very different from Dallas rain. In Dallas, it's dreary and cloudy but really only actually rains for short periods of time. In San Francisco, it rains lightly but constantly! Nate and I made the best of it, bought some stylish rain jackets to wear (yes, they definitely say "San Francisco" on them), and toughed it out. 

On day #3 we rented a car and did the Highway 1 drive to Carmel, which was breathtakingly beautiful, even through the fog and rain. We stayed in a cute little Inn within a mile from the coast and Pebble Beach golf course (which we walked to and snuck on, of course). It was a really cute town and a fun side trip. 

Thankfully, our last day it finally stopped raining, and we drove back to San Francisco to spend some time in the eclectic Fisherman's Wharf. We saw lots of great street vendors - the "bush man," a magician, and rave spray paint artists. We completed our trip on a high note finishing with a beautiful day of sunshine and some In-N-Out Burger (can't wait for that to come to Dallas). 

All in all, we definitely learned how to be flexible, and it ended up being a fun trip and some great time to spend together!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Found One.

Well, after six months of marriage, and visiting churches all over Dallas, Nate and I finally found a church to call "home". For those of you who don't know our background, before we were married, Nate was attending Irving Bible Church and I was going to Watermark. We really had a hard time trying to decide where to go because both of us had such strong connections and relationships at our individual churches. We finally decided the best thing for us as a couple was to find a new church where we could start over together.... enter Northwest Bible.

Something that I learned at my time at Watermark was the importance and value in having friends and people that share our desire to serve the Lord and really live for Him walking through life with us, and this becoming plugged into a wonderful small group was one of the aspects that really sold us on NWB. Since we've decided to attend Northwest Bible, I've recently become involved with the Sunday morning music ministry. I just started doing it, but I already am so excited that God gave me an opportunity and place to be involved with music again! 

To those of you who knew we were going through this process and were praying for us, thank you! It definitely wasn't the easiest process, and I learned a lot about really having to let go of my control and trust the Lord. God knew exactly what He was doing, and we are confident He's going to do amazing things in us through this church.

"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good! His faithful love endures forever."
- Psalm 136:1

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Things have been pretty crazy and busy around the Kotschi household this month. Snow days, family visiting, a trip to Waco, and a very heavy work load for Nate and I have made February a fun but hectic time. During busy and stressful seasons, there are a few simple things that always make me smile and brighten my day, and I thought I would share them with you:

 1. I don't know what it is about Starbucks coffee,
but it changes my whole outlook on the day!

2. Weird?! Cleaning relieves so much stress for me.

3. Flowers always make me smile - giving them, receiving them,
or just looking at them!

4. How can you not love this face? (Well, honestly its about half and half - half the time he DE-stresses me and half the time he stresses me)

Hope you enjoy these little things as much as I do...