Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Found One.

Well, after six months of marriage, and visiting churches all over Dallas, Nate and I finally found a church to call "home". For those of you who don't know our background, before we were married, Nate was attending Irving Bible Church and I was going to Watermark. We really had a hard time trying to decide where to go because both of us had such strong connections and relationships at our individual churches. We finally decided the best thing for us as a couple was to find a new church where we could start over together.... enter Northwest Bible.

Something that I learned at my time at Watermark was the importance and value in having friends and people that share our desire to serve the Lord and really live for Him walking through life with us, and this becoming plugged into a wonderful small group was one of the aspects that really sold us on NWB. Since we've decided to attend Northwest Bible, I've recently become involved with the Sunday morning music ministry. I just started doing it, but I already am so excited that God gave me an opportunity and place to be involved with music again! 

To those of you who knew we were going through this process and were praying for us, thank you! It definitely wasn't the easiest process, and I learned a lot about really having to let go of my control and trust the Lord. God knew exactly what He was doing, and we are confident He's going to do amazing things in us through this church.

"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good! His faithful love endures forever."
- Psalm 136:1

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