Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday... Worth It or Not?

NOT. Well, at least to Nate and I. Here's our Black Friday experience...

Best Buy was giving away a 42" LCD TV for $200 (steal, right?). Nate and I tag-teamed it with our friends, Kristi and Aaron, and got in line around 6:00 pm. Around 10:30 pm, they handed out "tickets" for their doorbuster items, but in a frenzy or unorganization and chaos, the tickets for the 42 inch-er didn't make it past 1/20th of the line, and therefore, we didn't get one. Still waiting in line hoping to get anything on sale after waiting for 6 hours, at 11:30 pm Nate and I decide to leave to check out Target and Walmart before they opened at midnight. We drove by two Targets, both of whiches lines ran all the way through the parking lot, when we realized that Walmart opened it's doors at 10:00 pm. Once inside, we were amazed at the craziness we found! You couldn't move a foot without bumping into someone, two fights broke out, and the police sent two people to jail after blood was spilled while waiting in line. Somehow, amazingly, we ended up getting a TV - 40" for $250 (not bad!). Nate "merged" into the line, if you could actually call it a line, and after waiting 30 minutes to get the TV and 30 minutes to check out (thank goodness for "15 Items or Less"), we left Black Friday at 1:15 a.m. VICTORY!

Even though we left with what we wanted, we decided it wasn't worth the time and hassle. What we truly realized, however, is that in the future we would never sacrifice time with our family or the blessing of celebrating Thanksgiving to stand in line for "stuff".

All that being said, what were your Black Friday experiences, good or bad?

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