Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our first Halloween weekend as married folk was a blast! Friday night we went to Morgan's apartment to watch Baylor beat UT (sic'em) and the Rangers beat the Giants. After that we went to a Halloween party at Nate's buddy, Rolo's.

Since this Halloween is Nate and my first official holiday to be married, I really wanted us to dress up as something together. After changing our minds about six times, then not wanting to get out and put the effort into finding a costume on Saturday, we decided that Nate would recycle an old costume (western cowboy with an inflatable ostrich that it looks like he's riding - way cooler and funnier than it sounds) and I would just go as a standard cowgirl (easy enough since I already had some "cowgirls-esque" clothes). However, while stopping at CVS on our way to the party, we saw "Snuggies" and immediately had the idea to go as snuggie buddies. So that ended up being our great, comfortable, and effortless costume (even though we think we look like "Friar Tuck")!

Halloween night, we were all geared up and excited about lots of cute trick-or-treaters, and I bought like five bags of the good candy. Of course, we only had about six kids come by (thanks to the Liggits because 3 of those kiddos were theirs)! So we now have tons of candy and we'll be taking trick-or-treaters all week long.

Happy Halloween!

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