Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October in a Nutshell

Wow... Three work trips in five different cities for me, April coming to visit, the State Fair, Nate's 30th birthday party, and Waco for Baylor Homecoming has made for a crazy but super fun month of October! My work travel and recruiting has been going great and has taken me all over the country... The first week of October I was in Raleigh, North Carolina and was able to visit two special Hockaday alumnae, Emily and Sarah Lyn. I got to see the UNC campus and Emily helped me man my booth at the school fair! The second week of October, I went to visit Knoxville, Tennessee and Lexington, Kentucky. I drove the most beautiful three-hour drive through the Rocky Mountains and saw some real fall foliage (I tried to take pictures while I was driving but those didn't turn out so well - see below). Last week I was in Austin, and had a fun treat as I got to have dinner with my brother-in-law, Jason! Now, I'm home for a week and greatly enjoying the time to catch up with life.

In between travelling, my wonderful husband turned 30!!!!! We had a great birthday party where his family and lots of our friends came to honor him and celebrate with us. That same weekend my sister, April, came into town and stayed with us. She was our first official "house guest" and it was such a treat for us! We were able to take her to the State Fair for the first time. She loved it; especially the corn dogs, friend Frito pie, fried nutter butter, friend Twinkies, beef sammys, and onion straws. April also helped me so much getting ready for Nate's party and making the homemade red velvet cake (Thanks, sis!).

Last weekend I took Nate to his first (but not last) Baylor Homecoming! It was great to get to show him around the campus and let him see a big part of me and my time in college. We also got to see April preform in her first Pigskin, and she was adorable! Nate was such a trooper to sit through the whole thing, but it was well worth it to be a part of all that energy and excitement again and to watch April. And to top off the weekend... Baylor won, and is (for now) nationally ranked AND #1 in the Big 12 South!

Today my brother's in Dallas for a work training lunch and we get to take him to dinner tonight, yay! This  has been a great week, we were able to see my parents and sister and brother; Nate's parents; and I got to see his brother too! 

Well, that's all for now... Hope everyone enjoys the cool front coming through Dallas. Happy Halloween this weekend (can't wait for those little trick-or-treaters to come by our house)!

Me with E-Bowe and Sarah Lyn at "Top of the Hill" in Chapel Hill, NC!

Emily helping me with Hocakday's booth at the fair.

My poor attempt at taking a picture of the Rocky Mountains as I was driving
(you can barely see them behind the trees throught the fog)

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