Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Since I'm missing out on Canton with my friends because a stomach bug creeped over me last night, I might as well play on our new computer and post on the blog! I'm so excited for 2011. At dinner the other night Nate and I were talking about what an eventful year we've had: we got engaged, planned a wedding and were married, moved into a house (and several smaller moves in between), started hunting for a new church, and celebrated Nate's 30th birthday. These memories will forever be etched in our hearts and minds, and these sharing all of this with friends and family is what made 2010 such a special year for the Kotschi's!

As exciting as this past year has been, we are excited to welcome 2011! The first four months of marriage for us have been jam-packed and we're so looking forward to spending this year continuing to learn how to do marriage and enjoy the simple joys of spending time with friends and family. Nate's not big on "New Year's Resolutions", but here are my few:

1. Nate and I find a new church home and community.
2. Continue to learn about how to be a good wife and love Nate well; to pray for him instead of nagging him; and to learn to be wise with how we handle conflict.
3. Spend more time doing creative things (walking, crafting, cooking, etc.) and less time in front of the TV.

Thank God for a new year with fresh beginnings and a time and season of hope and joy! Happy 2011 everyone!

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