Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice Day!

Some of the best moments and memories in life are the times we spend enjoying simple and unexpected pleasures. On Tuesday, Nate and I, along with most of the city of Dallas, didn't go to work due to the ice and winter weather conditions.

This isn't anything out of the ordinary for me... I work at a school, and I get at least one snow/ ice day a year. Nate, however, works at Cityplace - a large office building outside of downtown that holds several different businesses - when the building is open, he works. But on Tuesday, even Cityplace shut down!

We were like two kids on summer vacation, receiving the 5:00 am phone call explaining that our offices were shut down, and the rest of the day was every bit as entertaining. We braved the cold and ice and went on a short excursion to Walgreens. What was, in reality, a one hour trip to the pharmacy felt like an exciting little adventure. After we got back I enjoyed playing around in the frigid weather while Nate cooked bratwurst on the grill for lunch.

After de-thawing in front of the fire and enjoying a delicious lunch, we spent the remainder of the afternoon napping and watching a movie.

For people who experience snow and ice on a regular winter basis, you probably think reacting this much to cold weather sounds silly. However, for those of us who live here in Dallas, a simple "ice day" can truly refresh and reinvigorate us by reminding us that some of the best times in life are the spontaneous moments spent with the ones we love. 

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