Friday, November 12, 2010

Edgar the Turkey

Tonight is the annual "Morgiving" to celebrate Morgan's birthday. It's going to be at our house, so naturally we decided to cook the turkey (didn't cross our minds when we volunteered that neither Nate nor I knew the first thing about buying, dressing, and cooking a turkey). Last night we went to get a turkey (again, never been turkey shopping before), and we bought what we thought was a fresh, non-frozen turkey. Lo and behold, when we got home and started taking out the giblets and neck (thank goodness there is directions on the packaging) we realized it was frozen in the middle! PANIC... well, not really... at that point Nate started flapping Edgar's wings and moving his legs like he was alive. After working last night and this morning to defrost him, I went home during lunch to find Edgar completely de-thawed and ready to be dressed! My turkey recipe is the culmination of my mom and all of the women in my office. I will say, phase one (Edgar being prepped and dressed) is complete and he even looks like a real turkey. Now, Nate is at home putting Edgar in the oven to cook, and hopefully phase two will be ready in time for our company tonight. The final verdict on Edgar will come later, after his date with destiny ...

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  1. I still had so so much fun at Morgiving!!! Edgar, RIP buddy.