Sunday, November 7, 2010

For My Husband...

Let me just take a moment to really honor my husband and thank him for his hard work this week. He's been so quick to help me with things around the house. One big project that's been on the "honey-do" list is mounting our living room TV. Nate knew I really wanted this done so he went to Sam's on Wednesday and bought a mount. To his frustration, after spending several hours putting it together he discovered when they say, "fits most TV's," they didn't mean his LG. Nate finally found and ordered one online and spent Friday night and all day today (Sunday) mounting the TV then drilling holes in the walls and running wires so the cables wouldn't show. After tons of work, it's done and it looks AMAZING!

On the same note, I had a "Scentsy" party for my friend Morgan today (Sunday). We were running really late after church and it was looking like I wasn't going to have enough time to clean up around the house and make snacks. Without being asked or commenting that he had, Nate cleaned up our bedroom, did the dishes in the kitchen, and planted pansies in our flower pots for me! I was so very thankful for my personal "Mr. Fix-It" husband and his servants heart, hard work, and help this week. He totally blessed my socks off and loved me so well. Thanks Nate, I love you!

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