Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Am My Mother's Daughter

My mom is one of my best friends and we are similar in so many ways. We think alike, talk alike, and get excited about the same things. I've also recently realized that not only did I inherit some of mom's personality traits but I also inherited one of her passions - hospitality. Growing up, our home was always filled with people. My mom and dad's dream when they built our house was for our home to be a place of peace where people could relax and feel at home. Mom modeled to me someone who loved and was gifted at hostessing. Not because the house was meticulously clean or because the food, decorations, and details were all perfect selections from "Martha Stewart Living" (not that mom didn't decorate beautifully and have wonderful food). She was a great hostess because her motto, which was taught to her by her mother, my Honey, was - "there's always room for more beans in the pot." Whether a party or just a Tuesday night dinner, Mom and Honey made others feel welcomed and at home. Hosting wasn't about perfection, it was about loving on people and just enjoying the company of others. 

Now that I'm grown up, I've realized that share this same passion for hospitality. Although there are things about my personality that are different from mom's, the desire to share my home with others is the same... I love cooking (even if it's just for Nate and I) and getting my home ready for visitors. I love when my friends feel comfortable enough to just camp out on our couch on a Saturday and hang out with Nate and I. I love that my family has a place to stay when they come to Dallas. I love breaking bread with our friends at our table and the conversations that follow while sitting on the couches, shoes kicked off, drinking a glass of wine. I love being able to celebrate friends birthdays and special occasions while doing somethings special for them. I love being able to make others feel welcomed and wanted...

Thank you mom, for being such a special example to me of hostessing and ministry. That is what I want... for the Kotschi house to truly be a place of "Konnecting" with God, friends, family, and even strangers!

"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

- Matthew 18:20

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